Player Profile:

Name: Ryan Johnson
Color: Red
Archtype:  Thinks with his gut, artsy, opinionated.
I am Ryan Johnson, known by some as Ol River Johnson..  it’s a long story.  I’m 40-ish and have been gaming ever since my uncle amazed me with Dark Tower back in 1984.

I have two younger children, and a wife who will play games if I coerce her.  I imagine many of others share a similar plight.

My gaming collection runs a wide gamut that includes serious war games, dry-but-brilliant Eurogames, Ameritrash Thematics, and the most dumb-fun children’s games I can find.  I am a fan of humor and general camaraderie during game sessions as opposed to the 3-hour library-silent brain-burn sessions.

I enjoy gaming with Scott, which is often full of jokes, impersonations, affected accents — all of which add to the fun we have.
For my part, most of my reviews will center on aesthetics in relation to the merit of a title’s game-play.  I tend to play new games by gut-reaction, so much of my take on a games playability is overly-subjective.  On the other hand, Aesthetics are something I know quite a bit about.  I have made illustrations for several games and
my friends can tell you that I am highly critical of my own work.  I think it is time that some of the artists that exist in the hobby get more recognition… whether for good or for bad.