Thrift Scores Feb. 26

Another afternoon run to thrift stores, and here are my finds.


Rebound ($2) — I had played the old Ideal version of this a couple of weeks ago, so this was an easy choice of a get at that price. It’s a scaled-down version of table shuffleboard with steel ball bearing pucks, and while there isn’t too much substance to the game, it’s rather quick. As it turned out, this one was virtually new in box despite its 20-year-age.


Timeline: Inventions ($2) — This was a hell of a get! I love the Timeline games, and this one was still in shrinkwrap. I already have a copy of Inventions, but this will either be great flea market fodder or a gift for someone who also likes Timeline.

1000 Bornes

Mille Bornes ($1) – I picked up a copy of Mille Bornes a couple of weeks ago, and at the time I thought that it was a ridiculously-sized box for what is essentially a deck of cards. Boy was I wrong — this version takes the over-large production of that previous version and then adds a completely unnecessary board, player tokens, and hazard markers. It’s an abomination of additional parts for what should be a simple card game, but apparently someone thought that the game needed something new.


Rook ($1) – I’ve never actually played this classic Parker Brothers card game, but my mother mentioned that she hadn’t played it in a long time. Added bonus — cards are still in shrinkwrap.

Take the Train

Take the Train ($1) – I’d never heard of this one, but I figured I couldn’t go wrong for a buck. After giving it a once-over, it looks like its somewhere between UNO and Skip-Bo, where players are trying to play sequences of cards, but can bridge from one train “line” to another through the use of transfers. It’s a little uninspiring, but someone might enjoy it.