En route to Essen

We’re on the way — hanging out in Bruges, on the way to Germany next weekend. I’ve been reading up on Reddit and talking with colleagues about what games to check out. Chris says that he’s pre-ordered a bunch of Japanese games and unique items. Ryan is looking forward to seeing the selection of Haba games. If it is anything like years past, there will be a large kid-friendly display with a broad selection of games. On the whole, we’re all looking forward to seeing the big presentations of all of the big gaming companies in their collective face-to-the public showing. Apparently, Pandemic Legacy is to premier at Essen, so that’s something to see. 504 also sounds like a completely novel way to play a game, so it will be worth a look (and it’s always pleasant to chat with Friedemann and Henning). Though we’re still unsure about luggage space to haul games home, there is still the siren call of the flea market and used games area (still trying to pick up a reasonably-priced copy of Infarkt).

Now that I have all of the people together that I would want to talk to, this might also be the time to get a couple of podcast episodes in the can.