Thinking, Working, Designing

It’s been a busy year on a lot of fronts, and sometimes the creative gets pushed to the back burner for the sake of the professional.  For better or for worse, the professional is less of a concern at the moment, so it’s time do dive back into the creative.

I’ve been talking with some of the gaming group about the theoretical podcast (The Board Room?) and some podcast and site features.  I am putting some work into the writing on Ludography and I am going to hammer out a production schedule for content.

Coming soon:

  • Thrift Score Report — what’s been found, and what you should be looking for when you are scouring the thrift and used market.
  • Who Got the Better Deal? — Two or more people exchanged games, who came out ahead?
  • How Do I Start This Thing? — Getting into games and how to work toward a good collection you can enjoy.
  • The Game Group — What’s been hitting the table?  What’s a hit? What’s a miss?
  • D-Sign — musings on creating games and abstracted notions of what themes could be explored and how one would get there.
  • Like it or Limpet — What games are good and what games should be fed to mollusks in an awful pun of a name.
  • The Grind — drinking coffee, getting very excited and jabbering on and on while making fewer and fewer cogent points.
  • The Sale Pile — what we’re eliminating from our collections and why.