Ludography in the New Year

Not a lot has happened to in the past several months, but all of that is about to change.  Within the last week I’ve received packages of Chris Cieslik’s Heat and Crash Games’s Yardmaster Express, and I plan to have unboxing videos up for them soon.  I’m also awaiting delivery of the new Resistance expansions — Hostile Intent & Hidden Agenda — as well as Escape: Zombie City from Queen.  I’m a little behind the curve from the convention in November, but I also have One Night Ultimate Werewolf : Daybreak that is waiting in the wings to hit the table and get a review.

If you are interested in following me, my gaming Twitter account is @LudographyScott (  I tweet occasionally about things gaming-related, but I’ll have more to come in the new year, highlighting new content on as well as what’s going on in the gaming world.

Here’s looking forward to a great 2015!