Ryan’s thoughts on what topic areas will be covered by content

Re-Re-Re..  Re-theme  (Retribuo):  Great games don’t always have great themes; sometimes great themes never get great games.   In this segment we explore the options that should have been considered for some of the world’s boardgames.

Nuns on the Run:  Harry Potter
Love Letter:  Adventure Time Re-theme

Collector’s Rummy:  For sme of us, like Scott, the board game hobby offers one more delight — collecting!  and the subsequent re-shelving, again, and again.    There are some great collectible games out there.  Whether it’s a publisher’s series or just an odd misprint or rare unpublished gem, we’ll talk about them and see how far down the OCD rabbit hole we can take one of the hosts.

alea serieses

Parlor Game Pundits: Game reviews.  Scott has a great outline for game reviews…  Clear and concise, they offer a great analytical look at the game.  Our other contributors will add to this with their unique viewpoints…  Ryan will highlight the art and aesthetics, Jeff offers an offbeat newcomer’s perspective, and we hope to provide other industry insiders opinions as well.

Memory Lane:  Let’s go back to those technicolor, pre-cable-TV days…  sit down in the chairs outside the neighborhood filling station, with our ice cold 12 oz Coke bottles…  (mine is Mellow Yellow) and chat about some of the coolest games from our past.  Games that stand out or live in infamy…   After that we can go skip stones at the ‘crick.

Thriftstore Snapshot:  Got $20 in your pocket?  Wanna go pop some tags?  In this segment we take a look at an actual thrift store shelf and give you the run down on what you want to take away from what there is to offer.

Previews and Prognoses:  Let’s look at the upcoming games.  What titles deserve the hype, which titles probably don’t…  We’ll give our take on the properties, the games, the feedback and more.

More things coming

I had a meeting with Ryan on Friday and we discussed some ideas and potential products for Ludograpy.net, including several things we have talked about for years. I’ll post images and more information as it becomes available.